Counter eCrime Operations Summit III

Very, very interesting meeting, organized by the Antiphishing Working Group (APWG). The press release:

Electronic crime responders, investigators and counter-electronic crime technologists will join law enforcement and public policy officials from across the globe in Barcelona in May for the APWG's Counter-eCrime Operations Summit, uniting thought-leaders worldwide to plan the next stage in the global confrontation against electronic crime.

The third annual APWG operations conference (CeCOS III), to be held on May 12-14 in Barcelona, Spain will engage questions of operational challenges and the development of common resources for the first responders and forensic professionals who protect consumers and enterprises from electronic crime threats every day.

CeCOS III will present: informative case studies by electronic crime responders and security specialists; examinations of technologies developed and used by electronic crime gangs to exploit Internet infrastructure and user's PCs and client devices; discussions about the technologies and techniques of educating and protecting consumers; and presentations about the development of shared resources like common data formats for ecrime reporting, alerting and coordinating mechanisms.

APWG Chairman David Jevans said, "National governments, international treaty organizations, law enforcement agencies and industry associations the world over are looking at coordinating data exchange for electronic crime. CeCOS III will work to build bridges between these constituencies that engage the threats that electronic crime poses against consumers and enterprises everywhere every day."

CeCOS III is an open conference for members of the electronic-crime fighting community, hosted by the APWG and sponsored by LaCaixa, Telefonica, S21sec, GMV, MarkMonitor, EMC's RSA security division, Deloitte España and Ecija. Although sponsorship is principally from industry, the CeCOS programs are considered the most vital events to investigators and managers of electronic crime from across private and public sectors.

In Tokyo last year at CeCOS II, some 250 delegates attended from law enforcement agencies, technology companies, financial services firms, security services firms, government agencies, consumer advocacy groups and research centers around the globe, bringing together some of the most advanced counter-electronic crime thought leaders from East Asia, Europe, South America and North America.

Parties interested in proposing presentations or participating in panel discussion for CeCOS III can send email to: proposals@antiphishing.org. Parties interested in sponsoring some part of the event can contact Deputy-Secretary General Foy Shiver at fshiver@antiphishing.org.

A preliminary working agenda can be found at the APWG Web page for the Summit.

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