Final call for participation INEX 2009

Final call for participation INEX 2009

INEX 2009 is examining focused (sub-document) retrieval using the new Wikipedia 2009 Collection. The collection size is over 50 Gigabyte with 2.5 million articles in semantically marked-up XML format. For the main ad hoc retrieval track the collection will be made available in Plain Text as well as XML so that non-XML based passage retrieval systems can also be used.

Other tracks are: Book Searching (using a collection of 50,000 full text books in XML), Efficiency, Entity Ranking, Interactive (iTrack), Question Answering (QA@INEX), Link-the-Wiki, and XML-Mining. All INEX Participants are expected to participate in topic creation, and assessment.

  • Ad hoc Track - The main track of INEX 2009 will investigate the effectiveness of XML-IR and Passage Retrieval for three ad hoc retrieval tasks (Focused, Relevant in Context, Best in Context).
  • Book Track - Investigating techniques to support users in reading, searching, and navigating full texts of digitized books.
  • Efficiency Track - Investigating the trade-off between effectiveness and efficiency of XML ranked retrieval approaches on real data and real queries.
  • Entity Ranking Track - Investigating entity retrieval rather than text retrieval: 1) Entity Ranking, 2) Entity List Completion.
  • Interactive Track (iTrack) - Investigating the behavior of users when interacting with XML documents, as well as develop retrieval approaches which are effective in user-based environments.
  • Question Answering (QA@INEX) Track - Investigating technology for accessing semi-structured data can be used to address real-world focused information needs formulated as natural language questions.
  • Link-the-Wiki Track - Investigating link discovery between Wikipedia documents, both at the file level and at the element level.
  • XML-Mining Track - Investigating structured document mining, especially the classification and clustering of semi-structured documents.

The schedule of the main ad hoc track is as follows:

  • 27/Apr/2009 Release of Topic Creation Guidelines
  • 18/May/2009 Submission deadline for candidate topics
  • 1/Jun/2009 Release of final set of topics
  • 1/Jun/2009 Release of Result Submission Specification
  • 6/Jul/2009 Submission deadline for ad hoc search results
  • 27/Jul/2009 Release of assessment pools
  • 14/Sep/2009 Submission deadline for relevance assessments
  • 2/Nov/2009 Release of ad hoc evaluation results
  • 23/Nov/2009 Submission deadline for papers for pre-proceedings (all tracks)
  • 30/Nov/2009 Release of workshop pre-proceedings
  • 6-10/Dec/2009 INEX Workshop in Brisbane, Australia

Other tracks will follow variants of this schedule. Relevance assessments will be provided by the participating groups using the INEX assessment system. Each participating organization will judge about 3 topics. Please note that the assessment of each topic may take one-person 1 to 2 days to complete!

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