CFP: First ACM International Conference on Health Informatics (IHI)

First ACM International Conference on Health Informatics (IHI)
November 11-12, 2010
Washington, DC

IHI 2010 is ACM's premier community forum concerned with the application of computer and information science principles and information and communication technology to problems in healthcare, public health, the delivery of healthcare services and consumer health as well as the related social and ethical issues.

For technical contributions, IHI 2010 is primarily interested in end-to-end applications, systems, and technologies, even if available only in prototype form. Therefore, we strongly encourage authors to submit their original contributions describing their algorithmic and methodological contributions providing an application- oriented context. For social/behavioral scientific contributions, we are interested in empirical studies of health-related information needs, seeking, sharing and use, as well as socio-technical studies of heath information technology implementation and use. Topics of interest for this conference cover various aspects of health informatics, including but not limited to the following:

  • Accessibility and Web-enabled technologies
  • Analytics applied to direct and remote clinical care
  • Assistive and adaptive ubiquitous computing technologies
  • Biosurveillance
  • Brain computer interface
  • Cleaning, preprocessing, and ensuring quality and integrity of medical records
  • Computational support for patient-centered and evidence-based care
  • Consumer health and wellness informatics applications
  • Consumer and clinician health information needs, seeking, sharing and use
  • Continuous monitoring and streaming technologies
  • Data management, privacy, security, and confidentiality
  • Display and visualization of medical data
  • E-communities and networks for patients and consumers
  • E-healthcare infrastructure design
  • E-learning for spreading health informatics awareness
  • Engineering of medical data
  • Health information system framework and enterprise architecture in the developing world
  • Human-centered design of health informatics systems
  • Information retrieval for health applications
  • Information technologies for the management of patient safety and clinical outcomes
  • Innovative applications in electronic health records (e.g., ontology or semantic technology, using continuous biomedical signals to trigger alerts)
  • Intelligent medical devices and sensors
  • Issues involving interoperability and data representation in healthcare delivery
  • Keyword and multifaceted search over structured electronic health records
  • Knowledge discovery for improving patient-provider communication
  • Large-scale longitudinal mining of medical records
  • Medical compliance automation for patients and institutions
  • Medical recommender system (e.g., medical products, fitness programs)
  • Multimodal medical signal analysis
  • Natural language processing for biomedical literature, clinical notes, and health consumer texts
  • Novel health information systems for chronic disease management
  • Optimization models for planning and recommending therapies
  • Personalized predictive modeling for clinical management (e.g., trauma, diabetes mellitus, sleep disorders, substance abuse)
  • Physiological modeling
  • Semantic Web, linked data, ontology, and healthcare
  • Sensor networks and systems for pervasive healthcare
  • Social studies of health information technologies
  • Survival analysis and related methods for estimating hazard functions
  • System software for complex clinical studies that involve combinations of clinical, genetic, genomic, imaging, and pathology data
  • Systems for cognitive and decision support
  • Technologies for capturing and documenting clinical encounter information in electronic systems
  • User-interface design issues applied to medical devices and systems

Important Dates

  • Abstract submission deadline: May 24, 2010 11:30pm EST
  • Paper submission deadline: May 31, 2010 11:30pm EST
  • Notification of acceptance: August 2, 2010 11:30pm EST
  • Camera-ready copy due: August 16, 2010 11:30pm EST

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