AIML bot resembling a child?

AIML has been turn into nearly an standard for writing chat bot, that is, programs able to chat with people like persons (well, that is the goal, but they hardly pass the Turing Test, although they may fool even an experft for a while).

I am in the process of building an AIML-based bot resembling an Spanish-speaking child. I have tested two main approaches, namely:

  • Trying to learn the AIML patterns from actual children chats, by using several variations of the algorithms proposed by Bayan Abu Shawar (see references below). The problem with this approach is that the learning system is intented to provide access by chat to a corpus, not to resemble a human being. I have tested some alternatives using bits of linguistic knowledge (e.g. Freeling) with no success, still the bot speaks very unnaturally.
  • Building the AIML files by hand (the usual way this things are done). Too time consuming!!!

Pablo Gervás suggested me to avoid starting from scratch by using an English-speaking bot. Nice, if I can find it! So my question is:

Have you ever found an English-speaking chat bot resembling a child, based on AIML?


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Abu Shawar, Bayan; Atwell, Eric. Using corpora in machine-learning chatbot systems. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, vol. 10, pp. 489-516. 2005.

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