Add one: my first spam at LinkedIn

I have received my first spam at LinkedIn. I supposed it would be some kind of social application (probably the most extended spam vector in Social Networks), but it has been very traditional: a message to a group. However, very targeted. Here it is:


Ceo At ******* has indicated you are a fellow group member of Data & Text Analytics Professionals (1000+ members):

Exclusive Invitation to *******.com>>

Hello Jose

We are writing to invite you to join the fast growing business technology community at *******.com ( http://www.*******.com ). ******* is a unique site that serves as a technology showcase, a multimedia content hub and an interactive community platform built just for the business technology community.

As a member of *******, you can now showcase yourself, join any channel of choice and publish all your content to a focused target audience in a structured and contextual manner like never before! Please click on this invitation link ( http://www.*******.com/?xgi=5rHm7wp ) to join and access the site.

Sincerely, The ******Team View invitation from Ceo At *******

Of course, I will not give my (1) PageRank nor kewords to them :-)

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