Recent Yahoo! Research works in data mining for online advertising

As a great part of Yahoo! revenue comes from online advertising, it is not surprising that Yahoo! Research devotes important efforts to optimize their models in order to get more and better clicks to the ads they serve. They have an ongoing project named "Squeeze Every Drop of Meaning from Data", with several goals including: What are the most appropriate advertisements to maximize click-through rates on a particular web page?

Also, they have recently changed their user data retention policy in order to keep the minimum data they need to effectively improve their models. As stated in the news story:

"(They) would retain individual user data for only three months, down from 13 months. Google keeps individualized search data of its users for nine months and Microsoft for 18 months."

Here is a list of recent papers (2008-) from Yahoo! Research dealing with online advertising:

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JoSeK dijo...

La publicidad es la forma que tienen de monetizar sus servicios por lo que es más que lógico que se lo traten de currar, aunque hasta la fecha tampoco había grandes papers en el tema. Muy buena selección de papers, me los dejo en la bibliografía para pedir algunos proyectos de Wipley, que algo similar haremos, pero para Social Media ;)