New version of the MPQA Opinion Corpus

A new version (2.0) of the MPQA Opinion Corpus, which contains news articles and other text documents manually annotated for opinions and other private states (i.e., beliefs, emotions, sentiments, speculations, etc.), is available for download (http://www.cs. pitt.edu/ mpqa/databaserel ease/).

The main changes in this version of the MPQA Opinion Corpus are:

  • The extension of the MPQA annotation scheme to include two new types of annotations: attitude annotations (e.g., positive and negative sentiment & positive and negative arguing) and target annotations (i.e., the objects of the opinions).
  • The addition of 157 new annotated documents (in the full MPQA annotation scheme, including attitudes and targets) growing the size of the corpus to 692 documents.
  • The inclusion of annotations for answers to a set of fact and opinion questions for the OpQA subset of the corpus.
  • The refinement of some annotations.

Seen in SentimentAI - Sentiment & Affect in Text Yahoo! Group.

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