Case of migration to Amazon Web Services

Larry Dignan, the Editor in Chief of ZDNet, has posted a very interesting article on migrating to Amazon Web Services. As Security as a Service is becoming a buzz word in the Information Security bussines, or perhaps more than that, I am increasingly interested on this topic. Amazon Web Services is not a Security as a Service provider, instead it is one of the cloud computing pioneers and leaders, on which tech relies Software as a Service in general.

Larry interestingly analizes the case of the migration of the Helpstream corporation to AWS, and he gives links to a number of sites with more information about that case in particular, and to AWS in general. The article is excellent: easy to read, detailed, comprenhensive... Overall, the experience has taken 6 months (and still in progress), but Helpstream customers have experienced an improvement in the service and Helpstream has leveraged (especially) its hardware costs (and other costs also).

I strongly believe that Security as a Service is going to be a great success, as many companies are emerging as security providers, and traditional manufacturers are offering more and more services in the cloud. So I have started this thread from the general Software as a Service / Cloud Computing point of view, and I will be entering in the security bussiness more and more in the future. In consequence, new tags :-)

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