BioNLP 2008 program available

BioNLP 2008 is a workshop being held in conjunction with the ACL 2008 meeting in Columbus, OH. The topics it covers include: Entity identification and normalization for a broad range of semantic categories, ontologies and knowledge bases in BioNLP, extraction of complex relations, the economics of text mining and database curation, test suites and corpora for BioNLP, and many others.

The program has been recently posted. A talk reveals as a must attend: Extracting Clinical Relationships from Patient Narratives, by Angus Roberts, Robert Gaizauskas and Mark Hepple. Well, this is very interesting because it is not simple. I wish I had access to the paper...

Two more. The posters Automatic inference of indexing rules for MEDLINE (Aurelie Neveol, Sonya Shooshan and Vincent Claveau) and Using Natural Language Processing to Classify Suicide Notes (John Pestian, Pawel Matykiewicz, Jacqueline Grupp-Phelan, Sarah Arszman Lavanier, Jennifer Combs and Robert Kowatch).

Incidentally, I worked with Mark in the POESIA project. Very good experience!

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