Yahoo! SearchScan and other tools

Yahoo! has recently released a new search service, named SearchScan (beta). The service is intended to protect its users from malicious websites, malware and spammers websites. From the web brochure:

SearchScan is on the lookout, so you can surf with confidence:

  • Protects you from potential hacking sites that can harm your computer.
  • Warns you about sites with potentially dangerous downloads including viruses, spyware and other harmful software.
  • Alerts you to sites known to send spammy emails so you can keep your inbox junk-mail free

What is new? Perhaps the way in which the service is provided. In other words, this is not much more than an antiphishing toolbar, but you do not have to install the toolbar. By the way, the way the service is provided is not new, but taken from Google's SafeSearch (which avoids displaying adult hits in searches).

Hey, this is not a criticism! I wellcome all innovations, specially when they clearly benefit the end user. Only get aware of a potential danger: What about a spammer that sends millions of messages with your homepage in them? Your website will be marked as risky! Another DOS attack...

Besides, I have found an interesting menu just at the bottom of the Yahoo! SearchScan presentation page, allowing to access other (more or less) experimental services. Worth a look!

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