Negobot is in the news!

... And I must say, it is quite popular out there.

Negobot is a conversational agent posing as a 14 year old girl, intended to detecting paedophilic intentions and adapting to them. Negobot is based on Game Theory, and it is the result of a R&D project performed by the Deustotech Laboratory for Smartness, Semantics and Security (S3Lab) and Optenet. The members of the team are:

And myself. Its scientific approach is explained in the following paper:

Laorden, C., Galán-García. P., Santos, I., Sanz, B., Gómez Hidalgo, J.M., García Bringas, P., 2012. Negobot: A Conversational Agent Based on Game Theory for the Detection of Paedophile Behaviour . International Joint Conference CISIS12-ICEUTEA12-SOCOA 12 Special Sessions, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Vol. 189, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 261-270. (preprint)

My friend and colleague Carlos Laorden was interviewed by the SINC Agency about the project some days ago, and the agency released a news story that quickly jumped on a wide range of online and offline agencies, newspapers, radio stations, news aggregators, blogs, etc. Here is the original news story in Spanish:

Una 'Lolita' virtual a la caza de pederastas
SINC | 10 julio 2013 10:40

The news story featured a video with the interview to Carlos.

And in English, published by SINC at Alpha Galileo:

A virtual 'Lolita' on the hunt for paedophiles
10 de julio de 2013 Plataforma SINC

From there, to major English-language media:

Controversial 'Lolita' chatbot catches online predators
NBC News
'Virtual Lolita' aims to trap chatroom paedophiles
BBC News Technology
Negobot, 'Virtual Lolita,' Uses Game Theory To Bust Child Predators In Internet Chat Rooms
Huffington Post
Virtual Lolita poses as schoolgirl aged 14 to trap online paedophiles
The Independent
How 'Lolita style' virtual robots posing as teenage girls are being used to uncover paedophiles on social network sites
Daily Mail
'Virtual Lolita' created to trap paedophiles in online chatrooms

Major international blogs and news aggregators have also featured Negobot:

As of today, Negobot has got:

Negobot has obtained a world-wide coverage in the news:

Argentine Republic
Crearon un programa informático para atrapar pedófilos en los chats y redes sociales
El Intransigente

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sofisticirani robot "Negobot" služi da namami i otkrije pedofile

Commonwealth of Australia
Artificial intelligence poses as 14-year-old-girl to detect paedophiles in social chatrooms
News Limited Network
Artificial intelligence poses as 14-year-old-girl to detect paedophiles in social chatrooms
Herald Sun, Melbourne

Czech Republic
"Wirtualna Lolita", czyli czatbot, który wskaże pedofilów

French Republic
Negobot, l'adolescente virtuelle qui piège les pédophiles sur internet !
Marie Claire
Espagne : une lolita virtuelle traque les pédophiles sur Internet
Metro News
L'adolescente virtuelle qui traquait les pédophiles en ligne
Le Point

Hellenic Republic
Τεχνητή νοημοσύνη- «κυνηγός» παιδόφιλων στο Ίντερνετ

Italian Republic
Negobot, il software "Lolita" che individua i pedofili dialogando
Il Tempo
Negobot, la lolita virtuale che stana i pedofili in rete
La Republica
Negobot, la Lolita virtuale che incastra i pedofili in Rete
La Stampa

Kingdom of Spain
Negobot contra los pedófilos
ABC Tecnología
Negobot contra los pedófilos
La Información
Una 'Lolita' virtual a la caza de pederastas
Idean una lolita virtual para detectar pedófilos en la Red
La Voz de Galicia
Una 'Lolita' virtual para la caza de pederastas
El Correo Gallego
La trampa para los pederastas en la red
El Espectador
Nuevo sistema virtual a la caza de posibles pederastas
El Economista

Kingdom of Sweden
"Virtuell lolita" ska få fast pedofiler på nätet

Robot Virtual Gadis Remaja Digunakan untuk Menjebak Pedofil
Pikiran Rakyat

Digitale pedolokker imiteert schoolmeisje

Oriental Republic of Uruguay
Desarrollan "Lolita virtual" para dar caza a pederastas y corruptores de menores
La Red 21

Portuguese Republic
A adolescente robótica caçadora de pedófilos
Hype Science

Republic of Austria
Negobot findet Pädophile
style.at Kurzmeldungen
"Negobot": Chatprogramm forscht Pädophile aus
Der Standard

Republic of Chile
Nuevo software permite detectar pedófilos en la red
24 Horas

Republic of Croatia
Napravljen robot koji pronalazi pedofile
Radio Sarajevo

Republic of India
A virtual Lolita on the hunt for paedophiles online
The Times of India

Republic of Kazakhstan
Negobot, 'Virtual Lolita,' Uses Game Theory To Bust Child Predators In Internet Chat Rooms

Republic of Poland
Negobot sieciową pułapką na pedofilów

Republic of Serbia
STOP PEDOFILIJI: Virtuelna Lolita kreće u lov na manijake!
Virtuelna Lolita za lov na pedofile

Robotul care pozeaza in pustoaica de 14 ani - da de gol pedofilii

Russian Federation
Поиском педофилов в сети займется бот, выдающий себя за 14-летнюю
Вычисление педофилов в интернете поручат чат-боту

Socialist Republic of Vietnam
'Virtual Lolita' aims to trap chatroom paedophiles
Info VN

Swiss Confederation
Spagna: ecco Negobot, 14enne virtuale che scova i pedofili in rete
Ticino News

В іспанських інтернет-чатах підлітків від педофілів захищає Negobot

Carlos Laorden has been also interviewed for Spanish newspapers and in radio stations:

And last but not least, Negobot has got some criticism in the form of a (quite funny) video.

You can keep on tracking with Google Search in Web Pages and in the news.

Finally, sorry for the SSF, and thanks for reading.

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