Microsoft Research vs. Google Research - quick look to two systems

Two different ways of thinking (& acting) regarding research, but the same interests most of the time. You can get a list of Microsoft Research projects, two of them very interesting because I am used to rely on their competition, Google's ones:

  • Microsoft Bing Translator (vs. Google Translate). Although Google Translate has scored top in competitions (with some criticism about quality metrics, however), I believe this is clearly to explore. In next weeks I will be testing both on my daily writings, let's see what happens.
  • Microsoft Academic Search (vs. Google Scholar). Here we have an interesting point, as the result list for a search is quite different, perhaps reflecting two ways of doing things and even thinking about the business.

Comparing Academic vs. Scholar, on, of course, searching myself, I get the following two results lists (screenshots):

Microsoft Academic Search

MS Academic Search

Google Scholar

Google Scholar


MS Academic Search Google Scholar

Less results, probably better precision

Typed results (persons, journals, etc.)

Structured view

More results, probably better recall

Less typed results (cites - The can be excluded)

Papers and cites mixed

For the purpose of getting an outlook of somebody's publication record, I like MS Academic Search more. For getting the most about impact, probably it is Google Scholar. In fact, I have had to restrict the search in Scholar using phase search ("word1 word2") in order to get (many) less false positives.

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