Spanish HCI rivalling Google, at RAE

For many years, Google has been widely recognized as a master of HCI. Their (implicit) slogan is easy to remember: Keep it simple! In other words, design the user interface as simple as possible, focusing on what is essential. After a looooong, time, their search service is presented with a similar interface to that which revolutionized Search Engines at 1998, at the Stanford Master project.

Today, a colleague drove me into a surprising functionality not yet available at Google (AFAIK). The Spanish Official Dictionary (RAE) , available at the web since several years, offers you the possibility of searching for a word by just typing rae.es/word. For instance, the result of rae.es/jaguar is:

Still Google does not offer this simple (Keep it!) option. The result of typing google.com/jaguar is still a 404 code:

Perhaps we will be able to see this improvement in the future...

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