VirusTotal Advanced Tools

VirusTotal, a service provided by Hispasec Sistemas, that features an online scan of a file with over 20 different AntiVirus programs, has an extremely appealing section on advanced tools.

Instead of just uploading a file for it to be scanned with a traditional Web form, this section offers a number of different additional options, including:

  • An email interface that allows to send the file by email and receive a (possibly XML-formatted) report by email also.
  • An standalone client for Windows that features contextual menus in order to send them to VirusTotal, analize programs currently being executed, etc.
  • (NEW) The VTZilla browser add-on that allows to check files and URLs in Web pages.
  • An API than can be used as a Web service.

Additionally, VirusTotal has been making more and more emphasis on a relatively new service for scanning URL reputation.

Very, very interesting. This service is available also at the VTZilla add-on.

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