RapidMiner video tutorials

RapidMiner (formerly YALE (Yet Another Learning Environment)) is an environment for machine learning and data mining experiments. It allows experiments to be made up of a large number of arbitrarily nestable operators, described in XML files which are created with RapidMiner's graphical user interface. RapidMiner is used for both research and real-world data mining tasks.

RapidMiner is a very good alternative to WEKA . I suggest to check the tutorials at the Rapid-I website:


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Jason M. Adams dijo...

I was just checking it out this morning and found the interface and instant integration with whatever database you have lying around to be very nice.

José María Gómez Hidalgo dijo...

I incerely appreciate your comment.

Now I have seen you work on sentiment analysis, I believe you will like this tutorial on that with LingPipe... if you did not see it before :)