CFP: Automatic Keyphrase Extraction from Scientific Articles

Automatic Keyphrase Extraction from Scientific Articles
@ ACL SIGLEX SemEval 2010

Automatic keyphrase extraction is a hot research topic which has generated over 50 international publications over the past 10 years. This year, the prestigious ACL SIGLEX event SemEval-2010 (Evaluation Exercises on Semantic Evaluation) will include a new task entitled "Automatic Keyphrase Extraction from Scientific Articles". As someone who has helped shape the field of keyphrase extraction, we strongly encourage you to participate in the task and further advance the field.

We have collected and manually annotated a large collection of scientific articles, which will serve as the basis for evaluating keyphrase extraction algorithms. Part of this collection can be used as training data for supervised systems. You can find out more about the task at:

The tentative schedule for the task is:

  • Test and training data release: February 15
  • All results to be submitted: March 19 (5 weeks for competition)
  • Results released: March 31
  • Submission of description papers: April 17
  • Notification of acceptance: May 6
  • Workshop: July 15-16, 2010 (co-located with ACL, in Uppsala, Sweden)

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