Amazon Payments Announces Parental Controls for Online Shopping

A way to control how your children are using Amazon, or even enabling them to buy with control and supervision. A message to me:

We're excited to introduce to you, and your whole family, a new way to checkout online. It's Amazon PayPhrase - the easy-to-remember shortcut to your Amazon.com shipping and payment settings. With their own PayPhrase, teens and college students can shop online within limits you set, and you don't have to share your credit card number or account credentials.

A PayPhrase is a phrase you create, such as "slam dunk," "totally awesome," or "Jake's Allowance." You specify the shipping address and credit card for the PayPhrase, in addition to monthly spending limits and approvals.

Setup a PayPhrase for your teen to buy clothes or for your student to buy text books. With their own PayPhrase and PIN, your teen or student can shop online within spending limits you set or you can approve each purchase.

We invite you to learn more at www.amazon.com/allowance.

I believe it is a good point...

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