The Lemur Query Log Project

Over the years, we have witnessed a wide range of improvements on search functionalities. Current algorithms run faster than ever, and are much more effective. However, we are still far of the perfect (Web) search engine. Every day, millions of search queries are unsuccessful, and the users get frustrated as they can not even find whatever they found some time ago.

We are still lacking of more and more research on the area of (Web) search and Information Retrieval (IR). A research that dramatically relies on the availability of testing stuff, like query logs that allow researchers to improve their knowledge about users' search habits, leading to better algorithms and techniques in the IR field.

The Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval at the University of Massachusetts, leaded by the prestigious IR researcher Dr. Bruce Croft, is conducting a project to collect those logs that will allow researchers to build the next generation search tools. The project is called the Lemur Query Log Project, and features a privacy-enhanced toolbar to collect queries and related navigation and to send it to the database of queries which may lead to a massive query log for the benefit of the IR researchers community.

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