Human Computation Workshop (HCOMP 2009)

Human Computation Workshop (HCOMP 2009)
KDD-09 Workshop, Paris France
June 28, 2009

The organizers invite you to participate in the first annual Human Computation Workshop (HCOMP 2009), to be held on June 28th in conjunction with the KDD-09 conference in Paris, France.

Human computation is a new research area that studies the process of channeling the vast internet population to perform tasks or provide data towards solving difficult problems that no known efficient computer algorithms can yet solve. The goal of this half-day workshop is to bring together academic and industry researchers in a stimulating discussion of existing human computation applications (e.g. games, CAPTCHAs, Mechanical Turk) and future directions of this new subject area.

The organizers solicit papers related to various aspects of both general human computation techniques and specific applications, e.g. general design principles; implementation; cost-benefit analysis; theoretical approaches; privacy and security concerns; and incorporation of machine learning / artificial intelligence techniques.

An integral part of this workshop will be a demo session where participants can showcase their human computation applications. Detailed information about the workshop and submission procedures can be found at the website.

The workshop proceedings will be included in the ACM Digital Library. Deadline for submission is April 18, 2009 8pm Eastern Time.

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