Alias-i LingPipe list of NLP Tools

The people at Alias-i, who provide the Natural Language Processing package LingPipe (mostly used now for biomedicine, providing a suite of NLP tools - Part Of Speech Tagging, Named Entity Recognition, etc.), have kindly collected a list of NLP packages, including a big number of opensource ones.

I love this comment they make:

Search, Speech, Translation, OCR, ...? We have intentionally not listed competitors focused on things other than basic language processing tools. Companies in these businesses are more likely to be LingPipe customers than LingPipe competitors.

A good point for LingPipe people is that they provide an extensive number of tutorials on so many appealing topics that you could spend a month there testing and testing. Just do not miss the one on Sentiment Analysis (a black pearl in a box of white pearls!).

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