ACM Ninth Symposium on Document Engineering (DocEng)

ACM Ninth Symposium on Document Engineering (DocEng)
Munich, Germany, 15-18 September 2009

Document engineering is the computer science discipline that investigates systems for documents in any form and in all media. It is concerned with principles, tools and processes that improve our ability to create, manage and maintain documents. The ACM Symposium on Document Engineering is an annual meeting of researchers active in document engineering. All DocEng Proceedings are available at the ACM Digital Library.

Topics and technologies

  • Document standards, models, representation languages
  • Document authoring tools and systems
  • Document presentation (typography, formatting, layout)
  • Document security
  • Document synchronization and temporal aspects
  • Document structure and content analysis
  • Document categorization and classification
  • Document internationalization
  • Integrating documents with other digital artifacts
  • Document engineering life cycle and processes
  • Document workflow and cooperation
  • Document engineering in the large
  • Document storage, indexing, and retrieval
  • Automatically generated documents
  • Adaptive documents
  • Performance of document systems
  • Markup languages (SGML, XML)
  • Style sheet systems and languages (CSS, XSL, DSSSL)
  • Structured multimedia (MPEG-4, SMIL, MHEG, NCL)
  • Metadata (MPEG-7, RDF)
  • Document database systems and query languages
  • Digital libraries
  • Long term preservation of documents
  • Optical character recognition
  • Document retrodigitalization
  • Type representations (Adobe Type 1, Truetype, OpenType)
  • Page description languages (PostScript, PDF)
  • Electronic books (E-books) and digital paper
  • Applications of constraint systems for document engineering
  • Document transformation (XSLT, XQuery)
  • Document services on wireless networks (WAP)
  • Document linking standards (XLink, XPath, XPointer)
  • Document APIs (SAX, DOM)


  • Abstract due: April 05 23:59 GMT May 17 23:59 GMT
  • Papers due: April 12 23:59 GMT May 24 23:59 GMT
  • Acceptance notice by: May 18, 2009 June 15, 2009
  • Revised versions due: July 06, 2009 July 06, 2009

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