Internet population reaches 1 billion

Acording to a recent press release by comScore, the Internet population has reached the magic 1 billion people. Perhaps unexpectedly (;-D), the country that adds most to this number is China, while the US is the second one. My headlines are:

  • Spain is the 13th country acording to these statistics, adding 17,893,000 net citizens, a 1,8% of the total number. If Spanish population is about 45 million, this makes a 39,76% of it. Good!
  • Google sites are the most visited, by 77% of the net population, and other popular sites are Microsoft (64%) and Yahoo! (56%) ones.
  • Wikimedia sites reach a very respectable number of 272,998,000 visitors, which make a 27% of the total population. Great!

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