Handbook of Research on Web Log Analysis

Handbook of Research on Web Log Analysis
ISBN: 978-1-59904-974-8; 628 pp; September 2008
Published under the imprint Information Science Reference (formerly Idea Group Reference)

Edited by: Bernard J. Jansen, The Pennsylvania State University, USA; Amanda Spink, Queensland University of Technology, Australia; and Isak Taksa, Baruch College, City University of New York.


Whether searching, shopping, or socializing, Web users leave behind a great deal of data revealing their information needs, mindset, and approaches used, creating vast opportunities for Web service providers as well as a host of security and privacy concerns for consumers. The Handbook of Research on Web Log Analysis reflects on the multifaceted themes of Web use and presents various approaches to log analysis. This expansive collection reviews the history of Web log analysis and examines new trends including the issues of privacy, social interaction and community building. Over 20 research contributions from 44 international experts comprehensively cover the latest user-behavior analytic and log analysis methodologies, and consider new research directions and novel applications. An essential holding for library reference collections, this Handbook of Research will benefit academics, researchers, and students in a variety of fields, as well as technology professionals interested in the opportunities and challenges presented by the massive collection of Web usage data.


  • Adaptive dialogue-driven search
  • Connector Web site
  • Dynamic Web pages customization
  • Interaction design
  • Machine learning approach
  • Query log analysis
  • Search log analysis
  • Search query classification
  • Search query logs
  • Transaction log analysis
  • Very-scale conversation
  • Web analytics
  • Web information seeking behavior
  • Web log analysis
  • Web log privacy
  • Web logging data
  • Web sites
  • Web usage studies
  • Web-traffic measurement

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