Public Pledge of Self-Regulation and Professional Ethics for China Internet Industry

This is the pledge that it is to be signed by Internet operators in China. While the intention may be good...

Some pearls in tle pledge:

Article 9: We Internet information service providers pledge to abide by the state regulations on Internet information service management conscientiously and shall fulfill the following disciplinary obligations in respect of Internet information service:

  1. Refraining from producing, posting or disseminating pernicious information that may jeopardize state security and disrupt social stability, contravene laws and regulations and spread superstition and obscenity. Monitor the information publicized by users on websites according to law and remove the harmful information promptly;
  2. Refraining from establishing links to the websites that contain harmful information so as to ensure that the content of the network information is lawful and healthy;
  3. Observing laws and regulations concerning intellectual property rights in the course of producing, posting and propagating information on Internet;
  4. Encouraging people to use the Internet in an ethical way, to enhance the Internet ethical sense and reject the spread of harmful information on the Internet.
  5. If the Internet service provider discovers information which is inconsistent with the law on its website, it will remove it.

Article 10: We Internet access service providers pledge to inspect and monitor information on domestic and foreign websites when it provides access to those sites and refuse access to those websites that disseminate harmful information.

I understand that Internet corporations that intent to operate in Chine must sign it. It is up to you to interpret it, but it seems a bit strong.

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