What makes me love CiteUlike and Zotero

One of the most tedious tasks of research is to manage bibliographic references for papers and such. In particular, it is extremely boring and discouraging to copy and paste references fields (authors, title, proceedings or journal, etc.) into your favourite reference manager, and to build a bibliography for a particular work (that is, to include references from your reference manager).

Two tools are very helpful for these tasks:

An interesting analysis is to test how effective are both when capturing references from the web. This will have to wait, although as in Xkcd, "it would make a great LiveJournal entry" :-)

My CiteUlike user library is at my CiteUlike home. I promise I have NOT yet read all the papers :-) Great, it uses reCAPTCHA technology!

I promote CiteUlike: CiteULike

I promote Zotero: Get Zotero

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