Boxbe - Get paid for getting spam

Quoting Technology Review (a MIT based online news site):
Getting Paid to Receive Spam
A new e-mail-forwarding service lets you put a price on inbox access. (...) called boxbe.com tackles spam using an economic approach: users charge a fee for access to their inboxes.
It is not bad to see entrepeneurs trying to turn ideas against spam into profitable business. In fact, the idea of this company is built on one of its founders research on the economics of spam, Thede Loder (see the reference filed under POSTAGE in my Spam Bibliography).

However, this sounds to me more like a direct marketing coporation, as the Spanish corporation Consupermiso. In this corporation, you define your preferences, allowing the marketers to have a good comercial profile and to target their ads better. You then get paid for the messages you receive.

Boxbe is just like paying the users for receiving advertisement email, but with more control about the money for the user. I do not have anything against this business model, but I do not feel confortable with calling this an anti-spam technique. And you?

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2 comentarios:

JoSeK dijo...

Hombre, si me pagaran un céntimo por cada mail que me han mandado de Nigeria, Viagras y alargamiento del mismísimo...me encantaría el modelo de negocio :)

Anónimo dijo...

Y contra el spam físico (lease: chicas con experiencia que se ofrecen para limpiar, planchar y todo lo que surja..., empresas que refinancian tus nosecuantos créditos, catalogos de alimentos congelados...) no tienes ninguna solución? Esto ayudaría bastante a tus queridos suegros, que tienen el buzón a reventar y ya estan pensando en una reforma del mismo (de momento ya han hecho una.